Real Estate

Real Estate

Real estate is a people business

Buying a property is a big deal Agents are a large part of the experience Make sure the result is always a positive one

Make sure you satisfy all their needs

Different priorities define what we buy Understand those decision making triggers Guarantee efficient use of your time & money

Use Quizzes to prepare your agents

The market is ever changing Make staying informed enjoyable & educational Agents will always sell better when you are empowered

Some of the ways that quizzes and surveys can be used to enhance a real estate practice are:

  • Customer Loyalty Surveys – Are your clients happy? Are you sure?
  • Event Planning Surveys for open house events. Get everything from RSVPs to post-event feedback quickly and conveniently.
  • Measure the home buying knowledge of your clients. Take the fear out of what may be the biggest purchase they will ever make.
  • Use surveys to gather insights in order to properly pair a prospect with their dream home or desired piece of commercial real estate.
  • Understand what your clients really want, and how they truly feel. When the transaction is complete, a survey will tell you what went well and where your process needs improvement.
  • Create a Scheduling Poll to find the open house time that is most convenient for everyone or allow your clients to book time on your calendar to visit new homes for sale.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your website with a website feedback survey

Don’t Just Push Marketing to Your Prospects, Get Them to Respond and Engage

Get your prospects to respond to your marketing efforts and engage with your agency. Structured communication platforms such as MediaWire’s surveys and quizzes are proven to deliver more responses and higher quality data.

Drive Feedback From Your Prospects Through Various Social Media Platforms

With our mobile quiz service you can conduct a quick poll from your contacts, wherever they are and with any device they are using. Create a survey in minutes and post it to your Facebook and Twitter followers. Easily see the results in real-time.

Use Your Printed Marketing Materials to Gather Important Information About Your Prospects

Bridge the gap between printed material and interactive digital technologies. QR and other calls to action in print media easily pull potential customers into an engaging experience on any device. With MediaWire’s survey software, your collected data is seamlessly input into your CRM in real-time, allowing you to engage specific customers with the appropriate follow up. MediaWire’s surveys look great on every device your customers have. No need to worry about outdated form software not working on today’s devices.

Improve and Increase Agent Reviews and Address Issues as They Arise

Get more agent ratings faster with dynamically-generated surveys that can be completed in minutes from any mobile device. Spot trends immediately and take action.