Get inside the head of your readers

Your readers all enjoy different articles They all have opinions, interests & dislikes With a simple survey, this it will no longer be a mystery

Take their reading experience to the next level

Readers want more from their digital experience Give them a quiz to take after they read an article This will reinforce the content, entertain & engage

Start the important conversations

News is consumed at an ever growing pace Everyone wants their finger on the pulse We feed on comments, opinions & public discussions

Key Benefits:

As a publisher you’re always trying to inspire new ways to provide a more robust and engaging experience for your readers and advertisers. Increasing audience satisfaction, visits and social sharing are only part of the equation. Content enhancement tools should not only help in audience engagement but also in harnessing targeted advertising opportunities to as well.

Publishers can use quizzes to:

  • Give readers a chance to engageinteract and enjoy their content in a unique way that will entice them to share and keep them coming back for more.
  • Get valuable information from user interactions about what readers want with surveys, polls and quizzes.
  • Make it easy for readers to share quizzes with their social networks, driving more traffic to your publication or web property.
  • Offer a new advertising tool (clickable links inside sponsored Quizzes) or new Calls to Action (polls/surveys as an advertising product) to better deliver their message and capture customer response instantly.
  • Let Advertisers present offers and incentives to readers who complete their advertorial surveys and quizzes. Qualify customers, get demographic information and present an offer to buy or register.

How it works

  • Help you design your quizzes to match your or your clients branding and design guidelines
  • Provide ready to go templates, along with a portfolio of survey, poll and quiz ideas to get you started.
  • Instantly integrate quizzes, surveys or polls into your existing magazine and social network accounts.
  • We can help you design and integrate offers and incentives into your quizzes (nominal additional fee).
  • Take advantage of our full service solution, we create write and launch any survey, quiz or poll, we do all the heavy lifting with zero impact on your editorial resources.

Additional benefits

  • Measurement of user engagement (survey/poll completes/shares etc) and having the ability to share the results with your advertisers.
  • Opportunity to engage your advertisers into survey sponsorship
  • Create more real estate for advertisers on any of your web or mobile properties.
  • Your readers will feel more engaged by comparing and competing with their social communities.