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By Clicking on Settings you can change the various response format or change the basic settings. You just need to click on the setting button as highlighted in below image.

Once you click on Settings button, there will be another screen where you can change various options.

Anonymous Submission

First option is Anonymous Submission, If you turn on this option, your surveyor will be able to submit their feedback anonymously. They do not have to register themselves to submit their response.

Submit Results To E-mail

If you turn on this option, you will receive an automatic email of their submission in email.

Multiple Submission

If you turn on this option, your surveyor will be able to submit multiple submissions.

Export Form To PDF

When this checkbox is on, your surveyor will be able to download the entire form in PDF format easily.

Drafts Submissions Restoration

This options enables your surveyor to restore the drafted submission easily. This is the best thing a surveyor can do in this form.

Older Version Submission

If a surveyor created two versions of the same submission, he will be able to submit the older version. You have to enable this option as shown in below image.

Day Limit For Draft Submission

If a surveyor drafted a response but did not submit it, you can decide how long he can keep it in draft. You can change the days limit as highlighted below.

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